The Mudden Men Series:

Match Forged (Book One)

Stuck on the planet Mudden, Dr. Elizabeth Wells just wants to do her job and go home. But the Mudden men have a secret, and they have other plans for her.

Elizabeth only wants one thing in life: to be a successful doctor. She has no time for men or family, and no desire to explore the system. Until Rex, a stranger with an ice-cold glare shows up demanding she travels to his planet to save a woman’s life. He’s big. And intimidating. And she knows better than to go with him…until he forces her hand.

Nothing on the planet Mudden is what it seems. They invited her here, so why is she in danger? And why does Rex lead her on one minute, only to reject her the next? She just wants to do her job and go home. But the Mudden men have a secret. And they have other plans for her.

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Match Found (Book Two)

Kay vows to escape her forced marriage and the planet Mudden. All she has to do? Not fall in love with her husband. 
Kay is kidnapped, taken to the planet Mudden, and forced to marry a stranger. Griff is supposed to be perfect for her, but that doesn’t mean she wants to be married to him. She refuses to give in to the Mudden men’s master plan and vows to be the first woman to escape the planet. All she has to do is not fall for Griff for a year. Sounds easy, right?

But all is not well within the Glaerus clan, and as political unrest escalates, more than her freedom is at stake. Kay has to decide if proving them wrong is more important than doing what’s right.

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Match Foiled (Book Three)

The Mudden men have a secret, and she can’t leave to tell it.  

Nova is undercover. Figuratively.

Literally, she sleeps on the couch as far away from Altair as she can get. Sure he’s handsome, but that’s no excuse for being so full of himself. He’s also a stickler for rules, and he’d be the first one screaming for her death if he ever found out the truth about her hidden identity.

Not that she can avoid him either, he’s the guy she’s supposed to be spying on. Oh yeah, and she’s married to him.

She’s soon regretting her decision to come to Mudden, but she can’t escape until she finds valuable information. Her efforts might be in vain anyway, because whether she’s in his bed or locked up in jail, Altair has no intention of letting her go. The Mudden men have a secret, and they’re not letting her leave to tell it.

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Match Forced (Book Four)
She wants the truth. It will cost her freedom.

Thalia’s desperate search for her missing sister Kay has completely taken over her life. She’s on the verge of losing her job, but she doesn’t care. All Thalia can think about is Kay, locked up and crying out for her cop sister to find her.

When she gets close to the truth, she gets ambushed by a Mudden man named Price. He knows something. He may even have been involved somehow. Price offers Thalia a deal. He will take her to Mudden to see her sister if in exchange she helps him with his mission to steal highly secret information from the most powerful corporation in the system.

Not only is the mission nearly impossible, but Price has made it clear that the trip to Mudden will be one way. She’ll have to figure out how to rescue Kay on her own. It’s a bad idea but what choice does she have when her sister’s life is at stake?

To make things worse, Price incessantly flirts and teases her. She just can’t figure him out. She should hate him but instead ends up kissing him. What would Kay think if she knew Thalia was making out with the enemy?

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Match Fooled (Book Five)

Melanie has plans. They don’t involve being put behind bars.

To get her job done, she has to make nice with the enemy. Keenan is her captor, the one who threw her in the jail cell along with the entire ruling family of the Mudden clan. He hates his cousin, the stranger Melanie was married off to. 

Keenan is enemy number one. And yet, Melanie holds more power over him than he is willing to admit. He can’t take his eyes off her. And while he puts on airs in front of the others, he becomes a different person when they are left alone.

She uses his complete lack of experience with women to manipulate him. But Melanie is playing with fire, and Keenan won’t let her get out of this un-scorched.

Yet as she lays out her plans, she discovers that she may have more in common with Keenan than either of them could have imagined. And together they could hold the power to change the fate of the Mudden people for better or for worse.